Scurton Parcels has been operating over 20 years.

Craig and Carol took over Scurton Parcels in 2013 and have expanded the area for deliveries to include the area from Lockington out to Calivil, Mitiamo and Pyramid Hill. 

Carol Gallacher

Craig is the man behind the scenes. Most days you will find him sitting behind the computer screen for a few hours to ensure the smooth running of the business. From the paying of bills to dealing with accounts and ensuring Carol has all she needs to be out on the road doing deliveries and keeping all the vehicles running. Craig is from the suburbs of Melbourne as well, but from an early age moved to the country to follow his passion for dairy cows. Since mid teens Craig has worked hard on a farm and has a passion for his cows and his dogs. So when he doesn’t answer the phone you will know he is outside somewhere tending to his beloved animals. Craig also loves being a Poppy to his 2 grandsons as well, but doesn’t see them as much as he would like.

Craig Gallacher

Carol is the main driver for Scurton Parcels and is the driving ( no pun intended) force and the face of the business.  She loves to be out and about meeting the locals in the area.  She has done a variety of jobs throughout eastern Australia including Cotton Picking in Northern New South Wales, Farm Work with a variety of animals, Boarding School Mistress in rural Victoria and is trained in Aged Care.  Carol has 3 children and 2 grandsons that she adores.

83 Jones Lane                Mologa, Vic, 3575

03 5436 5326